Hemp Clinic Canna Active CBD Oil – 10ml – available in three strengths


This is the innovative water soluble formula of HempClinic.

With this unique formula we can guarantee a bio availability up to almost 100%. If you compare this with a traditional CBD oil you will be amazed by the effectivity of the CannaActive!

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CannaActive vs Traditional CBD oil

CannaActive CBD is based on water and vegetable glycerin unlike traditional CBD oil. One of the benefits is the pleasant and sweet flavor. Another benefit is that it can be easily dissolve in all water-based liquids such as tea, coffee and desserts. No unpleasant aftertaste anymore with the CannaActive!

CannaActive inhalable?

Because of the water-based formula it is possible to put CBD in your evaporator or inhaler. Through this way you can inhale your water soluble CBD oil in a healthy and responsible way.

How can I dose?

U can choose between a dropper and spray head. The spray head uses between 2 to  drops per push. It is more hygienic than a dropper, but the can dose more precise with the dropper. Pipetting is done on the back of the hand or you drip it in your drinking. It is possible to drip it directly in to the mouth, however it is hard to dose properly. You also have the chance that bacteria end up in the bottle.

Improved absorption?

Due to the unique formula of the CannaActive, the absorption of the cannabinoids into your mouth are many times faster and more completely. CannaActive CBD consists out of microparticles which makes the bio activity much higher and increases the uptake to 10 times more compared to the larger traditional CBD oil drops. The absorption is completed within 30 seconds!

How does CannaActive taste?

The hemp extract is produced through CO2 extraction and has a pleasant and sweet taste due to the vegetable glycerin. Unlike a traditional CBD oil, your child will also respond positively to taking drops of the CannaActive.

Which cannabinoids are present in the CannaActive?

Our formula is full spectrum! That means that all important cannabinoids are represented in our products. The synergy of these cannabinoids, together with the terpenes and flavoids (natural fragrance and flavors of the hemp plant), ensures that CannaActive leads to a better effect than an oil with only CBD. All the ingredients together create a synergy that is called entourage effect; they reinforce each other!

Why is CannaActive more expensive than a traditional CBD oil?

It seams to be more expensive, but you need a lot less of the CannaActive to reach the same effect as a traditional CBD oil. Whereas with a traditional CBD oil you often have to take many drops, with CannaActive it is often sufficient enough to have 1 to a few drops. A CannaActive bottle will last 4 to 10 times longer!